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School Registration:

BullyHelp.org is one of the most innovative tools that schools across the world have at their disposal to assist in addressing bullying amongst their students, a serious problem which appears to be at the root of most others. After successfully registering, your students will have at their finger tips, a service that will first display local emergency resources, and secondly allow them to anonymously inform you about other students who are in need of help. It will then allow you to correspond with the student if additional information is needed, and update them on the status of their report. The service also enables you to keep track of bullying trends in your school by generating statisticial reports for whatever time frame you input. It is a powerful tool, developed to combat a powerful problem!

The service was developed by Canadian organization "Bully Help Initiatives" and is offered as a free service to maximize it's contribution towards stopping bullying in our world.

Unfortunately, many schools are underfunded, and it was felt that charging a fee for the service would result in a limited number of schools being able to utilize it's abilities. That being said, we do ask that you make a contribution based on the amount of funding allocated for such services in your school's budget. If you simply can not afford to make a contribution, we prefer that you implement the service anyway and do so when financial resources are (hopefully) allocated to such services in the future.

Note: Please be assured that Bully Help IS offered as a free service. You are not required to send any kind of contribution to use it. The organizers, "Bully Help Initiatives" invite all schools (regardless if a contribution is made or not) to sign up to BullyHelp.org and start enabling victims of bullying to be identified!