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Without contributions from the majority of schools utilizing BullyHelp.org, the service would not be possible. We appreciate any kind of contribution your school can make to help cover the costs associated with offering BullyHelp.org

Contributions by check:

Bully Help Initiatives

60 Hilltop Crescent
Baddeck, Nova Scotia
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By credit card:

All credit card contributions are processed by Paypal®.
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Please complete this form in it's entirety! It is very important that you make sure all of this information is accurate, as your students will be using it to report potentially dangerous situations.

Before your students are given access to the form in which they will report bullying to you, they are provided with the emergency resources you enter below. Take some time and do some reserach on the availability of various help lines and services in your area. Many communities have local suicide hotlines where children can get immediate help from people in their local area that can relate better with the caller.

You should at the very least provide a contact for your local police agency and at least one toll free number for a help line. (911 is suitable if it is available in your area) If the reporter knows that someone is going to get hurt they need to call the police, and If they are going to hurt themselves, they need to talk to someone with training right away. These resources are extremely important to include.

Note: your account will not become active until we verify your identity as a school administrator.
It is against the law to fraudulently impersonate a school official by registering for this service. We will persue legal action against anyone engaging in such an act as it puts the safety of children in need of help at risk! You must be a school administrator, counselor, teacher, or hold another staff position related to the wellbeing of students in order to register below. Parents and students are 100% not permitted to register for this service!

If you would like to recommend to a school administrator that they register for this service, you can do so by following this link.

BullyHelp.org School Registration Form
Your Details:

*Verify Username:
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*Verify Email:
*First Name:
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*Job Position/Title:
Non-North American Based Schools,
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School Contact Details:

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*Address 1:
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School Details:

*Approximate Enrollment:
*Principal/Headmaster First Name:
*Principal/Headmaster Last Name:
*Student Gender:
*School Type:
OR (Others, Please Specify)

Please be sure that the following information is up to date and accurate. You can add as many emergency contacts and resources as you wish. We suggest having more than one emergency contact at your school in case the first is absent. Keep in mind that students are often more comfortable turning to certain staff members over others. A variety of contacts which would appeal to all genders, races, and ages may be something to consider.

Emergency Contact(s) In School:

*First Name:
*Last Name:
Other Info:
Available Emergency Resources:

Local Police Phone:
Suicide/Depression Help Phone:
Others: Description:

Please check to make sure all of the above information is correct and complete. When finished, click on "register".


Insure You Receive Our Emails!

You MUST be able to receive emails from our account in order for BullyHelp to work. If your spam guard blocks our emails, you may miss important notications about new reports.

It is extremely important that you insure you can receive all emails from us, so please take a moment and add our email addresses to your safe list.

Our system uses the following email addresses:

Please click on the email host or program that you use below to see directions on how to do add these addresses to your safe list. If your client is not listed, try choosing a similar service as most have similar processes to add safe addresses. (TIP: a simple Google search will likely provide a step by step guide for your email program)

Please choose your client
AOL v9.0




AOL v9.0

Steps to Take:

Please add the following email addresses to you "People I Know" list:

  1. registration@bullyhelp.org
  2. notification@bullyhelp.org
  3. admin@bullyhelp.org

Steps to Take:

You must add our email addresses to your safe list by following these directions:

  1. Log on and click the Mail tab to get into your mailbox
  2. Click "Options" - located at the top right, next to Help
  3. Under "Junk E-mail" choose "safe and blocked senders"
  4. Select Safe Senders
    • In the space provided, enter '@bullyhelp.org'.
    • Click Add
MSN v9.0

Steps to Take:

You must add our email addresses to your safe list by following these directions:

  1. Click on Settings: E-mail|Junk E-mail - located at the bottom left of the screen.
  2. On the e-mail settings screen, click Junk E-Mail Guard
  3. Select Safe List
  4. In the space provided under Add people to the safe list, enter 'registration@bullyhelp.org'
  5. Click Add
  6. Repeat steps above and add 'notification@bullyhelp.org' and 'admin@bullyhelp.org'

Steps to Take:

You must instruct Yahoo to filter our emails into your Inbox instead of the Bulk Mail Folder.

  1. Open your Yahoo mailbox
  2. Click Mail Options
  3. Click Filters
  4. Next, click Add Filter
  5. In the top row, labeled From header, make sure 'contains' is selected in the pull down menu
  6. Click in the text box next to the pull-down menu, then enter 'registration@bullyhelp.org'
  7. At the bottom, where it says 'Move the message to:', select Inbox from the pull down menu
  8. Click the Add Filter button again
  9. Repeat steps above and add 'notification@bullyhelp.org' and 'admin@bullyhelp.org'

Steps to Take:

  • Open Microsoft Outlook Select Tools Options
  • A new options window should pop up (pictured)
  • Click the Preferences tab then select Junk E-mail
  • A new Junk Email window opens select Safe Senders tab
  • Click Add
  • Type in "@bullyhelp.org"
  • Click Ok
  • Click Ok again